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Activities: Activities: • User Research • Wireframe • High Fidelity Design • Prototyping • Usability Testing • HTML Build


Experee is the sister company of Gift Experience Scotland. Experee aims to serve users with different experiences around the world.

The Problem

Experee has been running for 1 year and its current design was lacking a modern feel and not converting as many experiences by the users as predicted.

Team and My Role

  • 1 UI/UX Developer (me)
  • 1 Backend Developer

Tools Used

  • Photoshop
  • Silverback
  • Survey Monkey
  • Sublime Text
  • Bootstrap

User Research

I wanted to know who Experee’s users are and luckily they have quite a few users signed up to their email mailing list and some were based in Edinburgh. I sent out a survey asking users questions about themselves and their experience using the Exepree website. Also in the survey I asked if they were in Edinburgh and if they are willing to have a short interview about their experience using the Experee website and that they would be given an Amazon voucher. After analysing the survey data and the interviews, the personas were created.

experee survey

Experee survey

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experee wireframe with pen and paper

Experee wireframe with pen and paper

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I started off creating wireframes for the homepage with pen and paper, following best UX practices  for homepages. I then got them in front of colleagues who do not work in the Experee product to look at it, and asked them questions on it. Once I was happy with the wireframes and more importantly my Director was happy with them, I started creating the high fidelity design in Photoshop. Making sure the high fidelity design followed the style guide.


Once the high fidelity design was ready, I took screenshots of the other pages so I could link them up to an interactive prototype using Invision. I made desktop and mobile Invision prototypes.

experee user testing in users office

Experee user testing in users office

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Usability Testing

I conducted usability testing with users, recording their screen whilst they performed tasks on the prototype and also taking notes. The first round of usability testing went well, but found that users did not really interact with the video, and when asked why that was, a lot of the users said that they knew what they were looking for. So I decided to remove the video but the Director did tell me that it had to be on the homepage.

HTML Build

Since the Experee website was built using the Bootstrap framework, I quickly built the homepage following the final high fidelity design after the usability testing sessions.


Within the first week, we had an increase of 47% of users using the search bar which directly generated a 78% increase in users buying experiences.

Picture of Experee website on a macbook and a iphone 11

Experee website on a macbook and a iphone 11

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animated coffee

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