About Ray Fong

I’m passionate about building & designing thoughtful experiences to make sure users are satisfied when they’re using your products and services online. I believe good design is almost invisible, it should be so intuitive that it happens naturally, I do try and sneak a little delight in there too.

Other passions

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I am a Christian

I believe God gave me this passion for design that I want to use it for His church. I create church websites all around the world for free. I am also currently designing an app that will hopefully help Christians develop their faith. You can check the landing page for the app here.

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I am sporty

I go to the local climbing wall for bouldering at least once a week and I also play football in the church league. With my trusty Fitbit, I have won many walking challenges at previous workplaces. I have also participated in the Total Warrior 10k event dressed as a unicorn!

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I am a geek

Growing up, I used to read a lot of Marvel comics and now I thoroughly enjoy all the Marvel films. My favourite game of all time is Tetris, and to this day, no one has bet me on a 1v1! I follow as much tech news as I can, and I am an Apple enthusiast.

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I am a board games fanatic

I play a lot of board games with my wife and friends. My favourite is Catan! You can usually see me playing it on my mobile, if I am not playing it in person with friends!